Thursday, January 15, 2009

3th day of HM training.

Today's workout description said 5 minutes warm up jog, 10 minute run, then 5 minute cool down. A surprisingly easy run I though, but as I'm still a bit sore after either the strength training or the strides that was in my training plan earlier this week, I wasn't exactly complaining.
Imagine my surprise then, as I was doing today's workout and after some time I checked my Garmin to see if the 10 minutes where up soon, only to discover that I had been running for 20 and it said there where 5 minutes remaining.

Turns out the actual workout was 5 min. warm up, 25 min. run and 5 min. cool down. It was only the workout notes that was wrong, the planned workout in trainingpeaks said 35 min. total too.

Today was also my first run in two new pieces of gear: Craft underpants and Falke running socks. Especially the Falke socks turned out to be a pleasant surprise, they are extremely comfortable.

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