Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Early morning run

I really prefer getting my workouts in early in the morning. I have so much less energy after a full day at work and I enjoy running when most of the city is still sleeping and the world is a bit more quiet.
So today I got up at 4 am, had a big cup of coffee and was out the door by 4:35. Today's workout was 30 minutes easy and 6 x 30 sec. strides with 1 minute recovery. I ran pretty much the same route as yesterday, only minus the forest and I did it backwards so I'd finish along the waterfront running on asphalt for the strides.
I could have used some light when i left the city as it was very dark, but I used the backlight on my Garmin and got home without breaking anything.

Looking forward to tomorrows run!

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