Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nope, the trails are not frozen anymore

- they are rather muddy actually.

Today's run was absolutely great. It was a sunny 4.5 celcius with a clear blue sky. Almost like spring weather, so I dug my 3/4 tights out of the closet and headed for the woods.

The first trail leading to the small forrest was ok, a bit soft but not bad and noone else seems to be running/walking there. After running 30 seconds of my round on the real forrest trails I headed for solid ground again. Lots of people walk their dogs there (it's aptly named the dog forrest) and the trails were just too soft.

Anyways, still a great 40 minute run and a very nice beginning on a new week. I'll do my strength exercises later today, I stopped being sore from the last round yesterday, so it's time again :)

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