Sunday, February 1, 2009

End of the first recovery week

Yesterdays easy and today's "long" run nicely wrapped up my plans first recovery week.
Today it had been snowing, so I headed for the woods as I find them amazing to run in when everything is covered in soft white snow.

I thought I'd change it up a bit and for the first time in months I ran with my ipod, I'm not sure if that is the reason or it's the easy workouts this week, but I had a really hard time keeping my speed down.

My plan builds on a pace zones and I'm supposed to stay in the correct ones to ensure I'm getting the most efficient workout I can. Usually this is not a problem, I'm getting pretty good at guessing my current pace without looking at my watch, but today the Garmin just kept beeping at me, telling me to slow down.

I'll be racing another 5K next sunday and I'll adjust my zones after the result. Perhaps I underperformed a bit in the last race and I should really be training a bit harder, I know I definately could have paced myself better, but we'll see. I know I also have to watch out for overdoing it, I do have a tendency to getting a bit caught up and wanting to do more than I am ready for, seems to be a common problem amongst us beginners.

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