Saturday, March 7, 2009

Horrible week training wise..

I started the week with a cold but managed to make my way through the easy 40 minute run on Tuesday. Wednesday I was supposed to run 12 x 60 sec intervals, but it ended up being 12 x 60 seconds "try to not give up and lie down by the side of the road", I should probably have skipped that run. Today I feel much better, although a bit weaker than when I started the week.

I have a 5K planned tomorrow and I'm quite uncertain how that will go, I'm probably significantly weaker after being sick for a week, but on the other hand, my legs are a bit more rested that usually. I had planned to run just below 5 min/km and aim for a time of 24:5X, but I'm not quite sure what I'll do now. I hope I have decided by tomorrow when the race starts :)

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