Thursday, March 26, 2009

I originally started biking with my Garmin FR405 on my wrist, but it's not the worlds smallest watch and it made me have to twist my arm into an uncomfortable angle to see my speed, so I purchased a bike mount.

It's a simple block of soft rubber that allows the watch to be fastened around the handlebar, but it's a great improvement. At the same time I also ordered a Garmin bike pod, so I now have cadence (and speed if GPS is not available) info while riding. The ANT+ protocol makes it all very easy to connect together, no unsightly wires to run on the bike, everything is wireless and I had no trouble syncing it all up.

Here is a trial ride log with cadence info. I'm quite a newbie when it comes to biking, but I once heard that you should aim to keep a fairly high cadence, so I've been trying to do that. I'll have to look up more info about riding form in the near future.

You may also notice I have a pretty hard time keeping my heart rate up. I'm used to it being pretty constant while running, but perhaps the ability to free wheel on the bike is a little too tempting :)

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