Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tapering and resting

This week is a combined recovery week to rest up from the past weeks hard training and a small taper in preparation for next Sundays 10K race "Griseløbet". Today's workout was a short easy 35 minute run and I added a 35 minute bike ride also.

I was a bit worried about my left big toe yesterday, probably shouldn't have googled quite as many injury symptoms - I was pretty positive that I had something awful like Helix Limitus or whatever else horrible uncurable ailment I could find, but today it's all fine again, no pain at all. I did change 2 things though - I mounted my Garmin footpod on the right shoe instead of the left and I ran in different shoes today. Just to be safe :)

Edit: today (thursday) my toe is sore again. I'm skipping today's run and hope for the best.

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