Monday, April 6, 2009

First 10K race.

Last Sunday was my first experience with a 10K race, I've run 3 x 5Ks but my training plan had a 10K tune up scheduled and I found one that with with the dates. "Griseløbet", a 5K, 10K and half marathon in beautiful surroundings. 5 of my colleagues ran the race too, 2 of the on the 5K and the rest had picked the 10K. This was also my first larger race, over 2000 participants and I arrived at the event a little nervous and with a bit too much coffee in me. My plan was to run even 4:52 min/km splits all the way through (mcmillian said I can and who am I to question him), but the congestion from all the runners at the start and a huge hill made that impossible. I started out running well over 5 min/km and it took me until km 4, till I was on track again. I then proceeded to cruise right on time for 2 km only to be met with a long uphill stretch around km 7 and I lagged a bit behind again. I gained most of the time back and with a bit of a kick at the end I ended up with a time of 48:52, 7 seconds slower than planned but close enough :)

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