Sunday, November 8, 2009

The importance of the wrong shoe?

Even though my knee has been feeling better and better, I've still had some discomfort on most runs and pain on longer runs. Last wednesday I was in real bad pain after 10 km and I felt it for most of the day.

I started to wonder about my shoes again. When I first started running, it was in a a pair of NB913, a neutral shoe, bought after a quick evaluation at a general sporting goods store. I had started retire after I got tested in a real running store and was told that I need shoes that would correct my over pronation.
For a few months I'd keep them in rotation, using them less and less and shifting more to the Adidas Supernova Sequence shoes I was fitted for and a couple of NB768 that provide similar correction.

When I first started seeing a PT he also tested me in the NB768 as they were the shoes I had been wearing when I first started having knee trouble and they were deemed to work for my level of over pronation.

Then I got thinking, the only type of shoes that I hadn't worn when a new injury first appeared was those old neutral shoes. After I retired them I had been using them as casual walking shoes but I descided to give them a try and wore them for an easy 5 km run on thursday and had no pain or discomfort at all - this was the first time in a long time I had run with no problem at all.

Encouraged I wore them again for friday morning's 12.5 km, not a single twinge of discomfort, pain or anything else, and then again today for an 18 km run with the same result.

So should I ignore the two tests (by probably the countries most respected running stores) that say I need corrective shoes and just listen to my body? I think that is what I will do. I try to find another pair of NB913 or similar neutral shoes as these are quite worn out by walking in them and see what that brings, who know maybe I'll be walking home after 2 km next time I run.

For now I am very happy to be running without pain again.

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