Monday, November 2, 2009

Running in the woods

I havn't been running as much as I'd like lately, because of yet another injury, this time the problem being with my left knee. I've been totally out of running for a couple of weeks and have been slowly building up again, while seeing a PT and foam roalling my IT band.

It's looking better though. Yesterday I ran the 10K route of "Løberen Skovmarathon" pacing a colleague, our goal was to get him under 50 minutes and he crossed the finish line of a very challenging course with lots of hills in an impressive 48:40. No trouble with my knee during this run, but afterwards I joined another colleague running the marathon distance from km. 24 to 30 and started to feel a bit of knee pain in the end. Guess I still have to take it a bit easy.

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