Monday, December 21, 2009

Running in the snow

I had planned a 26 km long run this Sunday, but actually considered cancelling or at least shortening it. When I got up it was snowing and the temperature was around -4 degrees Celsius.
Running in cold weather doesn't bother me, but most of the roads around here hadn't been cleaned and those that had were quickly getting covered again and packed from the cars. Some side walks have been cleared from snow, but many of them are still iced over and I really prefer running outside the city on the smaller roads and trails.

Having gotten home late from a 10 year reunion with my old buddies from the military didn't really help with the motivation either.

I ended up getting out the door, my mind set on doing at least 10 km and more if I felt like it. Based on my 5K time, my easy run pace is 5:25 min/km, but I had to abandon any ideas about keeping a certain pace as soon as I started running and just try to move forward at whatever speed I could. There is one big hill in the area that I actually struggled to climb, but eventually managed to reach the top.

At the 10 km mark I felt good so decided to keep running.

Sometimes the runs you dread the most end up as the best. I did the full 26 km with an average pace of 5:55 min/km finishing up another 70 km week.

I had a hard but great run, with lovely snow covered scenery, however I think I'll consider screw shoes for some extra traction if we continue to with this kind of weather.

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