Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marathon training

Yesterday I began training towards my first marathon, the Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon 2010. I picked my training plan months ago, after first reading Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas.
At first I considered the 18 week program peaking at 55 miles (88 km), but during my regular training I had already hit 80 km weeks and I have been over 70 km/week since late November.

After consideration I decided I would go for the 18/70 plan (18 week, peaking at 70 miles/112 km per week).
I have no illusion that this will be an easy plan. In fact I am sure it'll be a challenge and I especially expect the midweek medium long runs to be hard. I am also sure that if everything works out I'll be very well prepared indeed.

My goal for now is to start off my marathoning career with a sub 3:30 time, a realistic yet challenging goal. I'm aware that many will recommend to "settle" for just completing the first one, I heard the same when I first wanted to run a half marathon, but I find I am motivated by my goals.

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