Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recovery week

After 4 weeks of 70 km/week, this one is supposed to be a recovery week, combined with a little taper before the hilly Kalundborg Vintermarathon half marathon race this Sunday (check out the height profile). I've joined a local running club and yesterday was the third workout I did with them. The first run with the club was a 13 km supposedly with a 5:15 min/km group but in reality only the first few kilometers where run at above 5:00 min/km and the fastest around 4:09 min/km. Second run with the club was hill training that left me totally busted the day after, so considering this is a recovery week I had planned to run 8-10 km easy with a 5:40-6:00 group and I dressed accordingly warm so I wouldn't freeze running at the slow pace.

I'm actually not really sure how I ended up with the 13 km "5:15 min/km" again, but suddenly we where off on the same route as last time, this time keeping the pace pretty well. I had a nice chat with a few of the others until we had about 3 km left. At that point one runner started pulling ahead and I had to keep up of cause, competitive nature compelling me :) 3 km later I and another runner where waiting for the rest to arrive, having run a 4:20 min/km and the last one at what would have been around 4:00 min/km pace if not for a red light.

So much for taking it easy. Check out the nice HR profile from my 310XT :)

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