Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekly status, 17 weeks to goal marathon

Today I completed the first week in my training program, looking back at the week I ran the following workouts:

Tue: 12 km with 5.5 km LT tempo
Wed: 16,5 km medium long run
Thu: 8 km recovery
Fri: 14 km general aerobic
Sat: 8,5 km recovery
Sun: 24 km medium long run

I was 2 km and 1.5 km short Tuesday and Wednesday due to time constraints.

Distance: 83.45 km
Time: 07:24:55 h:m:s
Avg pace: 5:19 min/km

I was a bit tired and sore Thursday, but otherwise I've felt pretty good. The weather Sunday was about minus 7 degrees Celsius with a bit of wind and that made it a rather cold experience, but the run itself was good. My left hip was complaining a bit Tuesday and Sunday, but not too bad.

Overall a great start on my training.

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