Monday, February 8, 2010

Treadmill adventures

The week started off well. I ran two consecutive medium long runs on Tuesday and Wednesday a besides getting wet socks 3 km into my 21 km run on Wednesday resulting in a nasty blister I was totally pain free.

Then Thursday, I tried my luck one one of the evil contraptions called a treadmill. I had considered joining a gym to escape the snow and finally took the plunge. I had never run treadmill before, except for a few minutes when buying shoes, but ran my 8 km recovery run on the device. My first impression was that it was just as boring as expected and hot and even more boring. I eventually finished with the run, got off the treadmill and almost fell to the ground, my legs feeling like rubber, apparently not expecting the ground to stand still.

Later in the day my right calf started hurting, eventually so bad that I had a bit of trouble walking and I've actually been dealing with that ever since. I iced it a lot and it felt ok until 20 km into my Sunday run when it flared up again and was rather bad for the last few kilometers. Too bad as I was actually having a really great run, feeling very strong and having a bit of trouble keeping the speed down.

Stupid treadmill!

Week in detail:

Tue: 18 km medium long
Wed: 21 km medium long
Thu: 8 km of horror
Fri: 14 km general aerobic
Sat: 8 km recovery
Sun: 24 km medium long.

93 km total.


  1. Too bad about the calf! I get that wobbly feeling after the treadmill, too. I'm surprised I haven't fallen yet. I always try to get the treadmill next to my gym's fan. It's cold at first, but after a few minutes, I feel much more comfortable than I do without it.

    Hope your calf gets better!

  2. Thanks Melly, I can still feel the calf, but it's much better now. Unfortunately the gym I tried didn't have a fan at all, just a little bit of inadequate air blowing from the machine it self.