Monday, April 5, 2010

Long runs

A key component of marathon training is the long run. I've done lots of what my plan calls medium long runs, that is up to 26 km (16 miles) and before I had to take a break from training due to my calf injury, I ran a single 29 km (18 miles).

Yesterday was my first time to attempt a long run after the injury, I had a 32 km (20 miles) scheduled. The day started with lots of rain and wind, but after midday the rain stopped and a bit of sun appeared. The coach from the local running club GuldborgsundlĂžberne joined me at the last minute, planning to tag along for part of the run. We ended up running most of it together, a very nice but also hard course as he included a 5 km stretch on a beach. It's a beautiful experience running at the edge of the beach on a sunny day, but that sand sure is heavy to run in. Good training though!

After leaving the beach still having 12 km left, the sun really broke through and I felt great pretty much the whole way home. No denying I had tired legs and I was rather happy the run was over, but I still had the energy to complete the run with the last kilometre at 4:50 min/km (07:47 min/mile), pretty much my goal marathon pace.

All in all a great training day. I am happy with my performance and I am really beginning to look forward to the marathon, both with excitement and a little scared, as the reality of the distance is beginning to dawn on me.


  1. You have absolutely no reason to be scared. From what I read from this post alone you have confidence in your ability, you know you have trained well and hard, you know you are comitted and you definitely seem to have the right knowledge about all things running. You'll be great.

  2. It sure is a loooooooong run. Looking forward to running with you at the CPH marathon...... not that far away....

  3. Brian - - you are the M@#$%FU#$@$#NG MAN!!! I have a new hero . . . Holy Crap . . .and I am bragging about my 8 minute uninterrupted run over on my blog . . . . .not sure how I initially missed your blog but circled back around and glad I did - - makes me wonder where I will be in my running life in 2 years - - to a NEWBIE like me - -that is incredible - - -"I'm not Worthy! I'm not Worthy!"