Friday, May 21, 2010

Almost there..

Just 3 days left now and I am finally recovering from yet another injury. Just before beginning my taper period I was a bit too enthusiastic on my bicycle and apparently strained my right quads. My taper got to be a bit more easy than planned and I can still feel it a bit, but if it doesn't get any worse, I don't think it'll impact my performance. I hope I don't regret writing that at mile 20 on Sunday! :D

Yesterday I did my final dress rehearsal, laid everything I'll need out (except the anti chafe) and ran 3 km at marathon race pace. I discovered a bit of trouble with the gel belt bouncing, but have fixed it with safety pins.

This is what I plan to wear:

Adidas adiZero short sleeve shirt
SKINS short compression tights.
Fuelbelt racebelt with HIGH5 isogels.
Falke RU4 running socks.
Asics gel ds-trainer 14 shoes.
Garmin 310XT w/ HR strap and foot pod.
3M Micropore tape and vaseline for protection against chafing.

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  1. Brian,

    I saw in the side-bar what you did in the Marathon. Just amazing, such a work ethic to keep your heart rate up there that high for that great a distance. Hope you recover quickly and completely. Congrats to you!