Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stretching - cause or cure of injuries?

Getting back into seriously running, after a long break with very low mileage I have started to feel the common small twinges in various muscles that I had all but forgotten about.

Historically I've been quite plagued by injuries, heel pain, several kind of foot injuries, knee pain, thigh pain and when I was training for Copenhagen Marathon in 2010, I had to take a break right in the middle of my highest mileage weeks because of a calf injury.

Last week I started feeling a twinge in my left calf that has persisted, it's not really a pain, more of a feeling that the muscle is about to cramp, without it actually happening. On my run today, it made me think of what I used to do when I started noticing something wrong, I'd stretch and stretch but I can't actually remember ever having a problem going away with stretching, if anything I suspect that I might have stretched too much and aggravated a potential injury.

My usual stretching regiment wasn't very serious to begin with, 5-6 minutes after a run, usually compromised of calf and thigh stretches and maybe a few heel dips.

This time around I'll do my own little one sample experiment, I will only do dynamic stretching, especially before hard runs, but no static stretching at all. I'll update the blog with any injuries.

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